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Visit Tagomago Island in Ibiza

Tagomago Island

It is not very common to cruise over to Tagomago Island on the East Coast. Most of the boats on charter in Ibiza normally go to Formentera. We really recommend you to take a chance on this private and beauty small Island.

Faros de formentera

Phares de Formentera

There are no more lighthouse keepers in Formentera Island.

Nowdays there is no need to keep on the fire during the entire night like it used to be.

Formentera mud baths

Formentera mud baths

Mud baths are widely known for their properties on the skin, you only need to apply it over the body and let it dry for a while under the sunlight. There are two different types of muds in Formentera…

Ibiza sailing catamaran

Is it not freedom ?

Navegating with a catalan sailing cat, a special catamaran with a rudder along the seaside of Espalmador, that´s what we call freedom.

Barracuda Car

We have found the first car with propeller propulsion.