Frequently asked questions

How long is my Ibiza and Formentera Boat Rental (Schedules)?

Day charter:
The boat rental period is usually 8 hrs/day. Schedules will be decided by the client, and guided by the following param:

Embarkation (check-in) – Starting from 10:oo am
Disembarking (check-out) – Before *sunset and before the petrol station closes so that the boat can be refulled.

Long term rentals:
The time and day of check-in and check-out will be set in each case prior confirmation.

The rental of sailing boats in Ibiza and Formentera is usually weekly. The embarkation (check-in) is on Saturdays at noon (12:00 hrs), and the disembarkation (check-out) is on Friday evenings at 20:00 hrs.

In case of a motor yacht charter hire in Ibiza and Formentera, schedules will depend on the total number of days of the charter and on the availability of the chosen vessel.

*No charter boat is allowed to navigate at night.

What is included in the boat rental price of a Barracuda Ibiza Charter’s boat?

Boat rental fee.
Mooring at the base port unless otherwise indicated on the boat file.

Every day charter will be provided with complimentary soft drinks and snacks (not unlimited).

What is not included in the boat rental price of a Barracuda Ibiza Charter’s boat ?

21 % VAT (unless stated otherwise on the file of each boat) and fuel consumption.

*Fuel: After the charter and navigation and before delivering the boat to its mooring, the client or skipper will refuel the boat petrol tank at the petrol station leaving the fuel level as it was at the previous check-in (full)
When refuelling at the gas station is not possible, fuel consumption will be calculated by multiplying the hours of navigation made during the charter (engine running hours) by the fuel hour consumption of the boat. This payment will be made in cash to the person in charge of the check-out.

2 hours of navigation in a boat which consumes 100 litres per hour of diesel:
2 x 100 = 200 litre x litre price of diesel = result.

Skipper fees:

Normally, unless stated otherwise on the file of each boat, the skipper fee is included in the rental price in vessels 12 m long and bigger.

On those ships where the fees are not included: the standard rate is 150 €/day in day charters, and 200 €/day in overnight onboard charters.

The skipper’s living expenses will be borne by the client, both in day charter and long boat rental periods.


It is possible to hire an on board hostess during the boat rental, whether day charter or long boat rental periods. She will help on board with appetisers, meals, and service in general. This service has a daily price of 120 €.

Bareboat charter rentals:

Bareboat charter rentals require a deposit delivered upon check-in in cash or visa and returnable at check-out for every ship in perfect condition. Each boat, depending on its value, has a pre-arranged deposit (see in each case).


Other extras not included in the rental price such as sheets, towels and other linen will be specified in advance in each case.

The moorings away from the base port of each boat are excluded from the rental price, and have to be booked and paid by the customer in each case.

How to book a boat rental in Ibiza and Formentera?

It is very easy to rent a boat with Barracuda Ibiza Charter.

You can contact us via email, phone (+34 649 633 299), or WhatsApp to pre-book your boat.

To confirm your reservation you must make a first payment of 50% of the total price of the boat rental by bank transfer or credit/debit card charge (VISA or MASTERCARD).

The remaining 50% will be paid on the day for check-in day and boarding for the chosen boat.

Bareboat charters:

Bareboat rentals are allowed to all clients who have nautical qualifications and the national or international license required for each type of boat. This license must be shown by the person in charge at check-in.

Every bareboat rental hire will require a deposit.

Boat charters with overnight stay on board:

Rentals with overnight stay on board, which include a skipper, require a deposit payable by visa or in cash. Costs that might arise during the rental period, such as the purchasing of supplies, moorings away from the base port, or any defects in the ship occurring through misuse by any of the passengers will be deducted from this deposit. This deposit tends to vary depending on the type of boat (sailing boat or motor yacht) and it is usually 30% (A.P.A) of the approximate total value of the boat rental fee in each case.


Please check what the penalty for the cancellation of a reservation amounts to in each case.
In the event of *bad weather conditions, the rental dates will be changed. If this is not possible, the total booking fee will be reimbursed.

* Bad weather means rough sea and/or navigation conditions which may constitute a risk for the boat or the passage; it also applies in cases of heavy rain, but not on cloudy days with no sun.

Useful tips:

Booking your boat charter in Ibiza and Formentera in advance will ensure you a better hire price and ensure you get the boat of your choice for your holidays.

If you plan to go ashore for lunch, please make your reservation in advance. In summer (high season) restaurants are fairly full in Ibiza and Formentera.

It is advisable to use protective sun cream and sunglasses.

Always consult the weather forecast before leaving the port –

See our boat routes section where we suggest various routes and anchorages in Ibiza and Formentera, as well as recommended restaurants. Choose the route according to the wind strength and direction on the day of the charter, choosing protected anchorages and calm waters, which will make your journey more enjoyable.

If you plan to dock in a port other than the ship’s assigned base port, we recommend booking in advance. In the high season there is a big demand and it is often difficult to find a mooring.

Ports of Ibiza and Formentera:
Marina Ibiza –
Marina Botafoch –
Marina of Santa Eulalia –
Marina of San Antonio –
Marina de Formentera –
Formentera Mar –
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