Best stylish and modern boats on charter in Ibiza for 2022

Best stylish and modern boats on charter in Ibiza for 2022

Discover with us the world of the day Med Boating, modern day use boat cruisers that are more than a fashion statement on the contemporary nautical market in the Balearic Islands and Ibiza.
Many of these shipyard companies have recently been founded compared to classic shipyards. These days, the modern-day charter boat in Ibiza varieties ranges from rugged rigid-hulled inflatables with surprisingly elegant topsides to modern ships runabouts to futuristic-looking craft with minimalist cockpits.

The interesting thing about these cruisers nowadays is that the new designs just keep coming and still surprising us, mainly in part to younger boaters who have changed long-distance cruises in favor of medium-size boats that offer immediate and closer access to the water, with easy access to the sea from the swimming platform to practice water sports and enough space and nice layout for large social gatherings onboard. A mix of Mediterranean flavours, love for the sea, sun, good vibes, fun and obviously “la dolce vita” too, luxury, aggressive design and performance: because we love the adrenalin, the entertainment but the looks and style also count!

Finally, we have gathered a list of the most sought-after boats on charter in the Island of Ibiza for you to consider on your next trip to the Balearics.


Fjord motor yacht is simply a stunning modern looking boat. You won’t have to doubt a second to see that this boat stands out from the crowd as far as it can go. And it’s not just the looks that will really knock you out when you see all it could offer you. It’s not just the looks, it is the overall composition of elegance, power, style and equipment. These are the most popular Fjord on charter in Ibiza boat models.

Fjord 38 open
Fjord 40 open
Fjord 41 xl
Fjord 44 open
Fjord 53 xl

Van Dutch

They are shaping the future of luxury boating for day charter use. At the heart of the Van Dutch yachts strategy is its renewed product portfolio and lifestyle-focused customer journey, both innovated via a success-driven management team responsible for customer satisfaction and happiness. Here below are some of their well-known models, some of them our customer favourites boats to hire in Ibiza during their holydays.

Van Dutch 32
Van Dutch 40
Van Dutch 55
Van Dutch 48


Evo yachts is a well-known and established brand from Italy of large open yachts owned by Blu Emme Yachts, and the shipyard was founded in 2014.

In recent years, the Evo Yachts brand has made a name for itself through an innovative range of large opens with extendable bulwarks and an elegant line of nice boats and tenders. These two lines have recently been joined by a third original line, called the V Line. All Evo Yachts vessels are signed by the famous designer and shipbuilding engineer Valerio Rivellini. Below you will find the Evo lines developed by the shipyard, from these selection we only have in Barracuda Ibiza Charter for hiring the Evo 43 R4.

Evo V8
Evo R6
Evo 43 R4
Evo R4 WA
Evo R4 CC
Evo T3
Evo T2


Recently founded and on the verge to becoming the trend of the sea. With a minimalist and special design characterized by that famous straight of inverted bow which is the charm of the brand. They have come a long way since Vanquish first steps at the Cannes boat show in 2013! The young shipyard presented the first VQ 43, which immediately won us over with its sleek look and impeccable finish. The story of Vanquish yachts is not an ordinary one. Here are some of their best-sellers that will seduce you, most popular one for charter in Ibiza the Vanquish VQ45.

Vanquish VQ40
Vanquish VQ45
Vanquish VQ52
Vanquish VQ60

De Antonio

The Spanish shipyard De Antonio yachts is successfully playing its own role in the market for contemporary day boats. Casual styling, fluidity and powerful outboard engines characterize this brand. The most avant-garde design of the moment on the European market. They are not only giving a great aesthetic but also a functional, comfortable design with lots of elegant spaces and nice layouts to relax and sunbathing. They seek to adapt the boats to the real needs of the client in terms of use and functionality and maximizing space on this Open Boats perfect to hire in Ibiza during your holidays over the summer season.

De Antonio D28
De Antonio D34
De Antonio D36
De Antonio D42
De Antonio D46
De Antonio D50

If you wish to experience day boating on the island of Ibiza, and wish to reserve a boat from the list above for you and your friends or family, do not hesitate to contact us, even if the desired boat is not on our list, we can help you. We have a wide range of boats available from different sizes with or without crew. Get in touch with us early to book you once in a lifetime experience in Ibiza. Contact us for a quote.