Motorboats Vanquish ibiza

Vanquish motorboats, what you didn’t know

Hello sea lovers; today I’m going to tell you why you should choose to rent a stylish boat in Ibiza this summer, with those little details that you didn’t know make a difference when it comes to enjoying sailing aboard them.

If we are talking about style at the sea we have talk about the Vanquish shipyard, based in the Netherlands. It is undoubtedly the manufacturer of high-end motor yachts that employs the most modern construction techniques, combining quality and total reliability with good taste.

motorboat charter vanquish VQ45 MK2 ibiza
Vanquish VQ45 Mk2

These are modern yachts with a fantastic hull design that ensures low fuel consumption, powerful engines that deliver unbeatable acceleration and a high quality interior finish, make Vanquish one of the best rental options for a Motorboat in Ibiza.

I must point out that all Vanquish motorboats in our fleet have been designed exclusively by and for us with the aim of achieving greater comfort and making our customers feel that it has really been worth trusting Barracuda boat charter ibiza to enjoy sailing through the best coves of Ibiza or visit the most exclusive Beach Club of Formentera.

motorboat charter vanquish VQ48 DC ibiza
Vanquish VQ48 DC

Did you know that the main Vanquish motto is “not for everyone”. This motto evidences their most demanding side when it comes to making a luxury yacht. They only make boats for very special clients; not everyone can have access to a Vanquish VQ43, for example, but no problem, you are lucky. We rent it to you in Ibiza so you can enjoy it as if it were yours.

motorboat charter vanquish VQ43 ibiza

Another interesting thing about Vanquish luxury boats is that the owner can have his boat custom made, such as installing the kitchen on the deck, extending the rear solarium by lengthening the yacht’s hull by a few feet, or modifying the interior rooms as he wishes. In short, Vanquish offers you the motorboat of your dreams.

And finally, another thing you may not know is that all Vanquish Motorboats reach 40 knots in good sea conditions, but the shipyard, within the possibility of making your boat to measure, gives the option that the boat can reach 50 knots thanks to the inclination of the same and the installation of more powerful engines, these models are called “Vence a Veloce”, without doubt the best option for lovers of speed.

What are you waiting for? Choose the model of Vanquish yacht you like the most from those available at Barracuda Ibiza charter, you can choose from the Vanquish VQ45 Mk2 which is 12.96 metres long, to the Vanquish VQ48 DC which is 14.82 metres long or rent the largest of all the Vanquish VQ54 which is 16.50 metres long.