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A Saturday for Shopping in Ibiza

Hello seafarers! One more year, the summer season starts on our island and, as always, Barracuda Ibiza continues to provide the best yachts for rent in Ibiza. Talking about Ibiza is the same as talking about leisure, fun, relaxation, uniqueness, and shopping as well. Ibiza has become the island of summer fashion par excellence with a style of its own that has left a mark on fashion lovers.

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One of the points of reference for Ibizan fashion and handicrafts that you shouldn’t miss is the Las Dalias flea market in the town of San Carlos, undoubtedly the most famous flea market in Ibiza, dating back over 65 years. It was launched in 1954 as a bar which evolved during the 60s, 70s, and 80s at the same time as the island’s tourist boom, until 1985 when it opened as a flea market with only 5 stalls. At present, it opens every Saturday from 10am to 20pm and has more than 200 stalls scrupulously chosen by Juanito, the creator’s son, Juan Mari. For an Ibizan artisan or merchant, it is a real dream to secure a stall to show and sell their products to the thousands of visitors who gather every Saturday at Las Dalias.

What are the opening hours of the Las Dalias flea market in Ibiza?

Opening hours of the Las Dalias Hippy Market:
Every Saturday from 10:00h to 20:00h.

Opening hours of the Las Dalias night market:
Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays from 19:.00h to 00:30h.

What can we find in Las Dalias?

The crafts market of Las Dalias is famous for making the island’s culture known through its own creations, clothes, fabrics, musical instruments, records, decorative articles, paintings, books, jewelry, shoes… in short, thousands of products made and manufactured on the island by the most talented artisans which, combined with articles imported from the most exotic places in the world and the aroma of hippie heritage that emanates from this magnificent place, make it a must-see for all lovers of good taste.

Las Dalias flea market Ibiza
Las Dalias flea market

Las Dalias also has a space for cuisine; it has a fantastic restaurant that fuses different cuisines, a snacks and drinks bar, as well as a Berber tent and stalls that sell slushies, natural juices and artisan pizza.

Today, Las Dalias is much more than a flea market. There are many concerts featuring the best artists in the world and hippy parties including “Namasté”, which takes place every Wednesday, or the “Banana Boogaloo” on Tuesdays. It is undoubtedly a unique place in the world that you can visit while you tour the eastern part of the island aboard one of the fabulous boats of Barracuda Ibiza.

How do you get to Las Dalias from the sea?

Las Dalias flea market Ibiza by boat

Las Dalias flea market is very close to the town of San Carlos and only 4.2km from Cala LLenya, a fantastic cove in the eastern part of the island and the ideal place to anchor our boat and come to the island of Ibiza and spend Saturday shopping around. As you know, at Barracuda Ibiza we have a consignee service to bring you closer to the coast, and thanks to our car rental service, reaching Las Dalias is as easy as can be. We invite you to discover the best corners of Pitiusa island, enjoy the sea and have an unforgettable holiday.