Barcos especiales para eventos de alquiler en Ibiza

Special event boats for hire in Ibiza

During the summer months, Ibiza and Formentera welcome a very diverse kind of tourists from multiple nationalities; increasingly people from further away places and the most unique countries. But if there is something that they have in common and characterizes them is the desire to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Everyday there are multiple parties at nightclubs and Beach Clubs in Ibiza, and many events are held in rented or owned private homes and villas. One increasingly widespread way to celebrate something important is holding a party on a boat rental for special events. Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding anniversary, a bachelor party or a beautiful and romantic wedding aboard a sailboat, it is becoming very common to see these boats with a lot of guests letting loose and enjoying a magnificent fishing day while accompanying their hosts on that special day in the waters of Formentera.

The best setting for a solemn occasion, and the best scenario for a celebration with friends or loved ones is a special outdoor day aboard a ship en route to Formentera. Honestly, no much decoration is needed. Whatever type of celebration that takes place, even in the case of a wedding, the skylines are unbeatable and the view of the Ibiza sea with its many shades of blue leaves anyone engrossed.

This type of charter boats is approved to host a passage as large as desired. Some are for up to 370 passengers. They are perfectly designed to comfortably navigate while guests enjoy a party on board with music, performances by DJs, or even often live music bands that make everyone dance and enjoy a wonderful day both on the way to and from Formentera, and during the hours spent at anchor on a beach allowing their passengers to bathe.

Depending on the number of people with whom one wants to celebrate, the boat shall be chosen. Normal charter boats are rated for only 12 passengers, moreover usually have limited space, making it difficult to move, dance and be comfortable with a large group. In the event that the group exceeds that number, it is compelled to rent a schooner for 30 or 47 passengers. If the group is larger than that, it can either be suited in an authorised for 150 passengers, or if even bigger, a 370 passengers huge catamaran charter, with several floors and all sound and lighting facilities of a real nightclub.

There are many popular DJs from Ibiza scene who rent this type of special vessels for private events to party with their friends and close ones in a unique atmosphere and scenery with views that are constantly changing as sailing advances en route to Formentera or along the coast of Ibiza to Es Vedra. The ship’s route is normally a free choice and determined by the client if weather conditions permit so, although it is obviously given by the duration of the trip and the chosen port from where the hire boat leaves to celebrate the event.

The setting could not be better, regardless of the route you choose, imagine yourself surrounded by all the people you love dancing, with all facilities you need on-board. Barracuda Ibiza Charter will handle everything needed in this kind of events on ships, providing catering, waiters and beverage services, and if required, sound, lights and even performances.

In recent years, boat parties have become very popular, although not to the extent of private renting these special ships for events that someone rents for a group of people, but being more restricted to a limited number of people organized to, either individually or by group, charter a boat in Ibiza for a day to hold their celebration or private event.

If calculations are made, it is not expensive at all: among a large group of friends contributing, it is even cheaper than buying a ticket for one of those party boats where you will mix with a lot of strange people that do not have much in common and out of the atmosphere you wanted for your day of sailing and partying. Do not hesitate to consult the special boats for events at our webpage for prices and options, and if you wish, email us and we will answer your questions immediately recommending the boat that best fits your needs.

Barracuda Ibiza Charter has organized many boat parties, and it is this experience that we offer our customers, so they celebrate their special day with their guests on a boat, where everything goes perfect and nothing is missed: we are at your service.