alquiler amarres ibiza y formentera
mooring rental in ibiza and formentera
la location de amarrages a ibiza et formentera

Mooring rental in Ibiza and Formentera

The attractiveness of the waters of Ibiza and Formentera is immeasurable, to the point that the 3,000 moorings that are distributed by the 8 Ports of Ibiza are not enough and do not meet the demand, and there are waiting lists for years to get a fixed mooring.

Such is the love of sailing in Ibiza that even if we double the number of moorings on the island, there would still be plenty of boats without a place. That’s why it is so important before buying a boat in Ibiza to plan where to docked it in the summer months.

At Barracuda Ibiza Charter we help our clients to solve this great headache that comes when buying a boat, we have moorings for rent in Ibiza and also for sale for those who prefer to make a long-term investment.

Whether you are planning for a short mooring stay in during your holidays or a longer period such as yearly mooring rental in Ibiza or Formentera, we will guide you and attend to your requests in order to help you achieve your dream of sailing through the Pitiusas Islands.

We will describe below the different Ports of Ibiza with moorings for rent and where you can find the possibility of also buying a fixed mooring until the end of the concession.

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Marina Ibiza

Lattitude 38º54’55,08” N – Longitude 01º26’38,18” E

It is by far the most modern port in Ibiza and also the most sought after due in part to the famous “Lio” where you can dine enjoying its cabaret show and also its vibrant disco club. It also has the best luxury boutiques on the island such as Dolce Gabbana or Dior.

This harbor has 387 moorings between 6 and 60 meters of length, although with the possibility of accommodating a mega yacht of greater length on the outside of the harbor but with incredible views of the Walled Town of Ibiza.


Lattitude 38º54’5” N – Longitude 01º26’8” E

The enigmatic old Port of Marina Botafoch, with lots of restaurants with a great nightlife in summer, a fantastic place to take walk at sunset or have a drink after docking following a day of sailing with your friends or family.

It has 428 moorings with lengths between 6 and 30 meters, and has a dry dock where you can carry out dry dock work to keep the boats in perfect conditions and well maintained.

Ibiza Magna

Lattitude 38º54,08’ N – Longitude 01º26,05’ E

Under the Ibiza wall and in the area of the Antigua Marina we find this port with capacity for about 90 boats and moorings of up to 60 meters.

It is the ideal harbor from where you could walk to the old part of town to where there are many nightlife venues and tourists from all over the world wandering until the early hours in the morning.

Marina Santa Eulalia

Lattitude 38º59’05” N – Longitude 01º32’23” E

This port has excellent facilities and services, is well maintained and has 763 moorings from 6 to 22 meters.

Located in the eastern part of the island of Ibiza, this port has a more familiar atmosphere and used by many local residents who dock their boat there throughout the year.

Club Náutico Ibiza

Lattitude 38º54’2” N – Longitude 01º26’7” E

This port has 300 moorings mainly for private members, with a maximum length of 15 meters, it has the narrowest entrance of them all.

Port Ibiza Town

Lattitude 38º54’35,16’’ N – Longitude 01º26’20,46’’ E

Located in the furthest part of the Old Marina, this port is mainly used for docking and mooring of large yachts from 60 to 150 meters with a maximum capacity of only 9 boats.

Port of San Antonio

Lattitude 38º58,5’ N – Longitude 01º17,8’ E

Located in the northern part of the island, a privileged place with incredible coves with crystal clear waters such as Cala Bassa or Cala Comte, a short distance from the entrance.

It has 456 mooring offerings of up to 16 m, also an excellent location to watch the sunset and seek shelter right before nightfall.

Es Nautic

Lattitude 38º58’ N – Longitude 01º18’ E

San Antonio Harbor has 572 moorings and is modern, not to miss its great and good restaurant with views of the moorings.

Good location in the north of Ibiza with beaches and wild coves just a short distance away, but its only disadvantage, the farthest from Formentera.