motorboat vanquish ibiza

Motorboats Vanquish, what you didn’t know

Hello sea lovers; today I’m going to tell you why you should choose to rent a stylish boat in Ibiza this summer, with those little details that you didn’t know make a difference when it comes to enjoying sailing aboard them.

Mercadillo Las Dalias Ibiza

A Saturday for Shopping in Ibiza

Hello seafarers! One more year, the summer season starts on our island and, as always, Barracuda Ibiza continues to provide. Talking about Ibiza is the same as talking about leisure, fun, relaxation, uniqueness, and shopping as well.

Sovren ibiza

The most luxurious marina on the island of Ibiza – Sovren Ibiza

As you know, lovers of the sea, the island of Ibiza is one of the places with more VIPs from around the world during the summer. There are thousands of famous people who choose Pitiusa island to spend their vacation in this season, such as sportsmen, businessmen, movie stars, top models, as well as many […]

Luxury Yacht Charter in Ibiza

Luxury Yacht Charter in Ibiza

Live the high life in the Balearics and sail the seas on board a prestigious luxury yacht in Ibiza.

Yacht Tender service in Ibiza

Yacht tender and support tender in Ibiza

We cover every need during your stay in your Yacht in Ibiza, offering a Yacht or Super Yacht tender service.

Anchoring policies in Formentera

Anchoring policies in Formentera

We share this news that comes from Pitiusa de Ecología, entrusted undertaking monitoring and anchoring assistance in Formentera.

Ibiza yacht charter Leonardo 72

New Ibiza Yacht on Charter on our Fleet: Leonardo 72

A new and amazing sport yacht shipyard Italian Leonardo now available in our fleet of ships.

Ibiza car rental services

Ibiza Car Rental Service

Barracuda Ibiza Charter offers a new service of car hire in Ibiza, with a great range of cars to suit all budgets and needs.