Luxury Yacht Charter in Ibiza

Luxury Yacht Charter in Ibiza

Live the high life in the Balearics and sail the seas on board a prestigious luxury yacht in Ibiza.

Yacht Tender service in Ibiza

Yacht tender and support tender in Ibiza

We cover every need during your stay in your Yacht in Ibiza, offering a Yacht or Super Yacht tender service.

Anchoring policies in Formentera

Anchoring policies in Formentera

We share this news that comes from Pitiusa de Ecología, entrusted undertaking monitoring and anchoring assistance in Formentera.

Ibiza yacht charter Leonardo 72

New Ibiza Yacht on Charter on our Fleet: Leonardo 72

A new and amazing sport yacht shipyard Italian Leonardo now available in our fleet of ships.

Ibiza car rental services

Ibiza Car Rental Service

Barracuda Ibiza Charter offers a new service of car hire in Ibiza, with a great range of cars to suit all budgets and needs.

Flyboard in Ibiza and Formentera

Flyboard in Ibiza

The white island is known in the entire world because of its night life and endless parties, but there is also a great interest in sports, specially the water sports.

Visit Tagomago Island in Ibiza

Tagomago Island

It is not very common to cruise over to Tagomago Island on the East Coast. Most of the boats on charter in Ibiza normally go to Formentera. We really recommend you to take a chance on this private and beauty small Island.

Faros de formentera

Phares de Formentera

There are no more lighthouse keepers in Formentera Island.

Nowdays there is no need to keep on the fire during the entire night like it used to be.