At Barracuda Ibiza we advise you to

At Barracuda Ibiza charter we advise you to…

Summer season is coming once again to Baleares, and we are ready to offer you the best yachts for rent in Ibiza. Renting a boat in “Day Charter” format is our specialty, we adapt 100% to your tastes and needs so that your stay on board is perfect. And speaking of perfect stays I’ll offer you a few tips so that our day on board is fun, innovative, intense and so that our experience will not be bittersweet.

Planning our route:
One of the first recommendations we make to you is to have a clear idea of where we are going to, the duration of the round trip, the weather conditions we might find, the state of the sea, and review, nautical chart in hand, all the information relating to the area where we are going to sail and the existing ports in it. If you have any doubts or you aren’t sure, don’t hesitate to contact us. We put the best professionals in the nautical sector at your service.

Monterey 298 SS barracuda ibiza charter
Monterey 298

Anchor with caution:
One of the most common activities for people who rent a boat is to sail along the fantastic beaches and coves that Ibiza and Formentera have to offer, anchor in any of them to take a swim, sunbathe, enjoy water sports or a magnificent sunset in the company of your loved ones on board. For example, the fantastic Sunseeker Portofino 46 is within your reach thanks to Barracuda Ibiza yacht rental; but when it comes to anchoring we have to take into account a series of tips so that the anchorage is ideal and we don’t have to worry about our boat while, for example, we enjoy a magnificent lunch of Mediterranean food, in one of the fantastic beach bars that Ibiza has in its coves.

We have to make sure that the place we have chosen to anchor has the necessary depth for the draft that our rental boat has, we will have to examine the type of sea bottom, i.e., if there is sand, seaweed, gravel, etc.
Manoeuvring to the exact anchorage area has to be done at a low speed and we have to take into account the boats that are already anchored there and leave enough room to avoid a collision.

Once anchored, and taking advantage of one of the magnificent swims we can take in the crystalline waters of Ibiza and Formentera, it is advisable to make sure that the anchor is in perfect anchoring conditions by using our diving goggles.
Remember that the law does not allow boats to anchor or get too close to the beach to avoid endangering swimmers. Please take the reference of existing buoys to choose your anchorage place and, if these are not available, take extreme precautions.

Respect and help:
Respect and help are fundamental values for any sailor. Our engines are not exempt from breaking down or meeting a sailor who may require our collaboration to avoid a dramatic situation. We must be willing to help so that people are willing to help us.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the respect to personnel port, we have to understand that in some occasion their work is abundant and we have to be patient, do not hesitate to ask for help for any maneuver of docking through the radio of the ship, they will be delighted to help you since it is part of their work.

Van Dutch 40 Barracuda Ibiza Charter
Van Dutch 40

Take care of the little ones on board:
In our fleet there are specifically designed boats to make family navigation as comfortable as possible.
If we wish to sail with children we advise you to choose any of our Ibiza Vanquish motorboats or, for example, this fantastic Van Dutch 40. These boats have a wide deck, thanks to which children can move and play, greatly reducing the risk of suffering any accident. We must not forget to equip them with life jackets and pay a lot of attention to them while we are sailing. Making them participate in seafaring work is something that they enjoy very much because they feel as important as you.

Clothes to take on board:
Apart from bathing suits and t-shirts we must not forget to include a coat type raincoat. At sea, just like the mountains, the climate can vary in the blink of an eye, it can surprise us showers so is better to be prepare. Include a sweater, long trousers and good nautical footwear to avoid slipping on board. This is all we need to be equipped on board any of our yachts for rent in Ibiza.