Estas buscando un amarre de alquiler en Ibiza donde atracar tu barco

Are you looking for a fixed mooring rental for your boat in Ibiza?

You have several choices to choose from with the comfort that you and your boat deserve. Ibiza has 8 harbors that offer several types of moorings.

Most moorings have, among other services, drinking water, electricity, pumping services, fuel station, telephone and internet, dry docks to work on the boats and provided maintenance services, port assistance, concierge services, bars, restaurants, laundry, satellite TV and all of them are connected to the 9 VHF channel to receive the mooring requests of new sailors approaching the harbour or any emergency near by.

mooring rental in ibiza and formentera

In addition, a maintenance, cleaning and permanent gardening service that guarantees the perfect conservation and cleaning of moorings and green spaces.

Do the fixed moorings and the Ibiza Marinas accept any type of boat ?

The marina offers multiple mooring possibilities which can accommodate small crafts such a jet ski, a sailboat, bugger length yachts or even a Mega Yacht with a maximum depth of 3 meters that the sailboats and boats with significant air draft can fit.

The following elements are necessary to choose the right mooring for rental: the length, the width, the air draft of the boat, as well as the capacity and the experience of the person or persons who will be operating. The general rule is to add 1/3 the size of the boat to be able to maneuver in good conditions. But this rule is hardly applied with recent boats which are equipped to dock on a smaller mooring line.

Obviously, it is also necessary to take into account the duration of the berth period, the number of days, weeks, whole summer season or yearly berth season.

What do we have available in Ibiza ?

The demand is high, there are many transactions and rental requests throughout the year, especially as the summer season approaches.

Moorings spaces available are rare products that require little maintenance with only a water point and electricity. They are highly sought after by boat owners and investors looking for profitability. Demand remains high, due to the saturation of ports and various marinas all around the Mediterranean but specially here in Ibiza.

Price of the rental is often calculated for the year. Of course, the larger a mooring line and consequently the price will be higher. You can get daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal quote prices, the longer the period is, the lower the daily price quote gets.

There are many ports and marina around the Mediterranean Sea and the Balearic Islands, but with none of the characteristics of Ibiza. This is the place to see and be seen. A true boat owner’s dream !!!

In addition, the geographical location of Ibiza in one of the most beautiful places in the world according to National Geographic, natural parks with wild coves with turquoise and crystal-clear waters.

Usually the docking spots is a concession with a right of usage for several years, so the price is determined by the number of years remaining, very important to know the remaining period before you buy a mooring in Ibiza. The full ownership and their price vary according to supply and demand.

The market is active all year round, either for wintering and preparation as the sunny days approach. Full ownership moorings in the Marina are in the range of 100. 000 euros to 3.000.000 euros for boat lengths between 10 and 30 meters

Alquiler amarres en ibizaNot sure if buying a mooring is the best option for you ?

Then we suggest renting a fixed mooring instead, If you are visiting the island for a short period of time or not sure yet to settle for buying a mooring, your best option would be renting one. You don’t need to spend a lot of money at once, get to know the area and best mooring options available for you.

Opportunities to rent or buy an apartment near your boat location ?

You can still find some apartments very close to the marina and your mooring. There are always some nice apartments with fabulous views to the sea and the harbor, very expensive though.

Booking a mooring with us at Ibiza or Santa Eulalia Marina in advance is the best guarantee of having a safe place for your craft and at the same time, enjoy the best port in the Mediterranean for your delight.

Contact us now to quote your mooring rental in Santa Eulalia Marina or Ibiza Harbor.