Bodas en Ibiza en Barco

Ibiza weddings and wedding planners

The island of Ibiza is one of the chosen places for marrying by hundreds of couples every year. Whether a simple party with close family members without any civil or religious ceremony or a big wedding in style with ceremony and celebrations throughout an entire weekend, Ibiza is the perfect place to get married.

The island has some wonderful scenery across and along its 570 km2. Whether the chosen place is the countryside, the beach, a villa in Ibiza or Formentera or a charter boat for special events, it will be the wedding of your dreams, with that romantic touch that everyone has dreamed of for such an important day in their life.

With plenty of options to carry out those pre and post wedding celebrations, the island is equipped with all the necessary services to leave your guests jaw-dropped, gathering the quality such a special celebration on the couple’s dreamed day requires, where everyone wants everything to go perfect.

There are great catering agencies in Ibiza, many of which specialize in catering for weddings, which provide absolutely everything you need for an event, transforming a simple garden into a perfectly suited space to host hundreds of people for lunch or dinner in a stylish and comfortable way with an exquisite menu chosen by the couple to delight the palate of their guests.

These caterers are responsible for the assembly and disassembly of all tables, chairs and decorations, and of course to provide crockery and cutlery for a banquet of these features. We also supply the necessary staff and waiters, ham cutters, bartenders and all kinds of service personnel to be hired for the occasion so that the wedding guests receive a professional service by qualified staff who can serve and behave in an event of this kind with class and get everything ready for people to enjoy just as if they were in a room specially adapted to serve wedding receptions.

As for the menu, the possibilities are endless; usually our catering staff chefs have a series of menus tailored to different budgets, but they are always open to modify or extend the dishes with suggestions made by the couple, giving a more personal touch to the menu offered in the wedding party in Ibiza and adapting it to the culinary tastes of the guests.

Give a touch of class and Spanish flavour that everyone seems to like by installing a ham cutter in the cocktail previous to dinner: it is always pleasing to see a professional cutter slicing a quality ham into thin slices to be tasted by the wedding guests, which is how this so typically Iberian precious food must be consumed.

In recent times that sushi has become so fashionable, we have also been asked for some sushi-men who would cut and slice bluefin tuna at parties, as if it were a ham. The freshly cut chunks of an exquisite specimen of tuna are delicious and very appreciated by anyone fond of Japanese food, and there is no fresher cut than those provided by these professionals specialised in Japanese food right after butchering the whole tuna in front of you.

Options for the main dish are countless, there are couples who like to bring a local touch with Mediterranean or Spanish recipes, and there are those who prefer to serve dishes rather international or from their country of origin, whether originals from Russia, Brazil or Mexico. Our chefs in Ibiza would certainly suit the tastes and needs requiring an event like a wedding and the complexities likely to pose.

It is very important to choose wisely the wines to accompany the menu. It is best to seek advice from our Ibiza sommeliers specializing in events, which will certainly recommend the best wines and sparkling wines for the banquet and previous cocktail.

For the decoration of the chosen places where to hold these wedding celebrations or engagement parties in Ibiza, there are plenty of professionals specialized in this kind of events and its decoration with flowers, ornaments and other motifs to be chosen by the bride under a broad range of possibilities and tastes After an initial meeting with the bride, our team of decorators will focus the proposal to her tastes, in a time where it’s definitely important to have synergy and complicity between the two sides so everything flows with authenticity and harmony.

All these services are available to our customers by our experienced wedding planners for a dream wedding in Ibiza. They will naturally always be limited by the budget that the couple decides to invest in the celebrations, but there are no limits to let the imagination flow and provide anything dreamed up by a bride in love, however difficult to accomplish or produce: we look forward to hearing your wishes. Feel free to contact our specialized team celebrations in Ibiza, call us with no obligation for a first interview.