Blue Marlin Ibiza

Beach Club Blue Marlin Cala Jondal

Cala Jondal is undoubtedly the most chic beach in Ibiza, largely because in it is located the most referenced and worldwide known Beach Club in the Balearic Islands, a venue that has taken advantage of the gap for a high purchasing power audience belonging to the world Jet Set and who like to surround themselves with their fellows, friends and beautiful people with whom to share a partying and beach day in a unique setting.

Its admirable facilities are improved and extended every year, like the well coordinated and monitored parking area and its expansion; or the indoor area, which has been improved in its covered room, with decoration, isolation and better sound equipment; or the restaurant and dance floor areas with VIP private spaces; and a DJ booth worth of a mega club in terms of its components and sound quality, flanked by LED screens with suggestive images and multiple cutting-edge lighting equipment; or even the beach area, always well controlled by security staff and in which there are several options to spend the day at the beach, either on comfortable hammocks, or lying down on huge and cosy beds being served by their nimble group of waiters.

It is essential to have a professional and motivated staff, willing to work and do things right, a group of integrated people who feel the brand and have fun while doing their work. These details make the difference and it is well known to the owner and manager of the Beach Club, who motivates his staff and always has an eye on his business, supervising that everything flows and personally serves his most VIP customers.

The Blue Marlin receives and provides meals and drinks each summer day to hundreds of people, or even thousands at Sundays parties, its loudest and busiest day. It is not easy to make so many customers satisfied, it requires good recruitment and staff that is well coordinated. On Sundays, Blue Marlin has a luxury program that has largely popularized the Beach Club, with a party that lasts until dawn, with granted fun and dancing.

It is already been 10 years since this club opened in the premises of the former Jockey Club Cala Jondal, a beach disco on a privileged location, but which management and approach did not take advantage of the opportunities that the new ownership has, making it into the best daytime entertainment and party establishment throughout the island.

With a new concept not much seen 10 years ago in Ibiza, like reserving VIP tables on payment of a fixed amount for consumptions, which varied depending on the privileged location or the number of guests that the table could house. The Beach Club has managed to attract a demanding and elitist audience who likes to see and to be seen in the trendy island and reserve a VIP table at Blue Marlin to spend a day at the beach with all amenities and festive atmosphere.

On an artistic level it has also done a good job creating residences for local DJs like Wally Lopez and Christian Varela, or international ones who played in its booth, as Dj Sneak or Jamie Jones, that ultimately bring a clubbing touch to the place taking advantage of the pulling power and people dragged by such artists.

The bay of Cala Jondal is a parade of yachts and mega yachts coming from all over the Mediterranean: Saint Tropez, Monaco or Cannes, each bigger than the other during all summer days. All these yachts disembark their guests in Cala Jondal where they eat and dance until dawn in an unequalled environment in the entire island. Certainly people who come to Ibiza willing to have fun in an elegant and glamorous vibe seek the chic atmosphere of Blue Marlin.

Its cuisine is really good and it is very professionally waited in the restaurant area, while there is a more limited menu in the beach area, where one can be served on a hammock or bed sushi or appetizers prepared with taste by its chefs.

In its extensive drinks and excellent cocktails menu, the Beach Club has the best champagnes as Armand de Brignac or Cristal Louis Roedere, exclusive and exquisite brands that are consumed daily in this hub, where people willing to have fun from all over the world enjoy, at least one day of their holidays reserved to spend at this place, considered by many as the best Beach Club in the world. Do not hesitate to contact our team at Barracuda Ibiza Charter to book your VIP table at Blue Marlin Cala Jondal and arrive to paradise following the next route.

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