Alquiler de barcos en Ibiza

Boat Rentals in Ibiza

Boat rentals and yacht charters in Ibiza are very common because everyone on their holidays on the White Island wants to visit Formentera at least one day and spend a day of sun, sand and relax at one of its wonderful beaches such as Illetas, Cala Saona or Espalmador.

The neighbouring Pitiusa Island is just 45 minutes sailing from the port of Ibiza, and somewhat longer if the boarding is carried out in the ports of Santa Eulalia or San Antonio. It’s a great experience to navigate between the two islands across the waters between the two archipelagos. If you leave from any of the four ports of Ibiza, whether the Club Nautico Marina Ibiza, Marina Botafoch or Ibiza Magna heading to Illetas’ western area, it makes sense to go alongside the Freus, small islands which form a great ecological value natural park at half way and serve as guide and direct way to Formentera.
If on the contrary we take direct route to Es Caló, in Formentera’s east, sailing is alongside another island called Espardell, which is also protected with the status of Natural Park and preserves in its waters a rich biodiversity of high environmental value.

If sailing from the port of San Antonio, it is worth to navigate alongside Es Vedra, as stays on track following the route 8 and is amazing to watch its high cliffs with nesting kestrels and where wild goats also live, which were originally brought to the island despite its inhospitable terrain, when it was used as a breeding area for these mammals. It is wonderful to circle this archipelago composed of Vedranell and Es Vedra, especially if the weather is nice and we can anchor in some of the places where the depth allows, as there are areas where it can reach 40 or 50 metres deep and is neither possible nor advisable to drop anchor.

Boarding at the port of Santa Eulalia gives us the possibility to go directly to Formentera along Route 6, and navigate to its west side or east coast. Depending on the wind blows, it will be more comfortable anchoring on one side or the other to take shelter from wind and sea currents by the piece of coast, for the boat to move as little as possible while at anchor, which will prevent dizziness to passengers aboard the vessel.

If you want to make a first anchorage in Espardell, beware, because you can only anchor at its southwest half. It is always advisable and even forced to check the nautical chart to know where anchoring is allowed and where it is forbidden, and thereby avoid fines and better preserve the environment, respecting the signs marked on Ibiza and Formentera’s nautical chart, dedicated to limit fishing and anchoring areas.

Needless to say, anchoring must always be made on sandy bottom, thus avoiding tearing the precious poseidonia oceanica, a marine plant that allows high biodiversity and helps, together with other factors, that we enjoy crystal clear beaches and coves and waters of turquoise infinity, so much valued by many sailing enthusiasts who rent boats of all kinds during the summer in Ibiza and Formentera.

Barracuda Ibiza Charter has boats in all ports of Ibiza, which allows you to choose from each sailing fleet a boat adjusted to the number of passengers for the day, or the type of vessel preferred, either a boat, a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), a sailing boat or a yacht and, furthermore, also the port you want to go to, with views on exploring either coast side of Ibiza and Formentera. You may opt for hiring a skipper or not, if you have the proper navigation title.

Once arrived in the coast of Formentera, it is worth to anchor at Paso de Estrocador, a small canal that connects the island of Espalmador with Illetas, and meets idyllic conditions for a first bath or to swim to the coast, given its low depth and its crystal clear water.

It is almost a must eating at any of the restaurants on the beaches of Formentera, many have inflatable boats to pick you up at your boat and once you’ve finished eating, take you back without getting wet or needing to swim to shore, which would be unpleasant and not suitable for everyone.

There is a great variety of restaurants, and in all of them good traditional Mediterranean food, especially seafood. You can choose from many options somewhat determined by the price and the atmosphere. There are more familiar and inexpensive ones, and there are those more chic and exclusive. Normally in Illetas beach are the most expensive ones, because that is where there is more demand and anchored boats and therefore prices get higher.

As for coves and beaches, if one seeks to be away from large concentrations of ships and is not interested in participating in the glitz and bustle of Illetas, it is recommended to anchor in more remote places like Es Calo, Punta Prima, Cala Saona or even Mitjorn beach. In all these beaches and coves of Formentera one can find an intimate, isolated and barricaded nook near the majestic cliffs.